Earlier this week, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh revealed the shocking and disturbing goings-on at the Clinic for Transgender Health at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The clinic is guilty of promoting and perpetuating systematic medical abuse upon minors, and, understandably, when people found out about what’s been happening there, a lot of them were very upset, to say the least.

You might even say those people pounced. Or seized. Or attacked.

That last one is what The Tennessean health care reporter Frank Gluck ultimately settled on:

Conservatives attack!

More from Gluck:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is denying social media claims that employees were punished for objecting to its gender-affirming treatment program and some treatments were being used as money-making schemes after Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and other members of the state’s GOP leadership blasted the clinic this week.

A number of Republican politicians and religious leaders posted on Twitter Tuesday and Wednesday to criticize Vanderbilt, one of the nation’s leading health centers, and called for investigations and new legislation banning gender-affirming treatments for minors.

These weren’t just “social media claims,” though, were they? Walsh had receipts, in the forms of screenshots and videos. Those aren’t “claims”; those are evidence.

And don’t think Walsh didn’t notice what Gluck was trying to do:

What’s with ostensible “news” outlets just leaving out vital details?

Gotta protect the narrative, right, Frank?

“Reporter.” The scare quotes are necessary.

It’s Real Journalism™ at work.



Woke leftists accuse Matt Walsh of trying to ‘get people hurt or killed’ for exposing what goes on at Vanderbilt trans clinic


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