Matt Walsh is nothing if not a polarizing figure, even among those on the Right. But everyone, regardless of personal politics, should be able to find common ground with him when it comes to what he and his team have uncovered in their investigation of the Clinic for Transgender Health at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Pro-abort blue-check Dr. Leah Torres is deeply troubled as well. But not by what Walsh is reporting. No, she’s troubled by the fact that Walsh is reporting it:

Where’s Leah Torres’ concern for the children who have been hurt by “gender affirmation” procedures?

Narrator: Leah did not care to elaborate.

Clearly. Torres is far from the only woke leftist trying to paint Walsh as the bad guy in this scenario:

Walsh shouldn’t have to explain it to anybody. And yet, when he generously does explain it, he’s made out to be the enemy.

Clearly the memo about Matt Walsh has gone out.

We know that the FBI is a clown show these days, but we’d like to think even a clown show can figure out that Matt Walsh is not the bad guy here.

Exactly. Thank you.


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