White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is so painfully out of her depth every time she stands at that podium. And, unfortunately for her, today is no exception.

Here she is on Day 2 of trying to shame Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis for calling sanctuary cities’ bluffs:

So we’re likening Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis to human smugglers now? The kinds of human smugglers who regularly bring vulnerable men, women, and — the most vulnerable of all — children over the border under dangerous and potentially deadly conditions? Until Abbott and DeSantis started sending migrants to sanctuary cities, Karine Jean-Pierre contended on behalf of the Biden administration that our southern border is secure and safe. She’s actually continuing to make that argument even now, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

For eff’s sake, Karine.

If the migrants were indeed coaxed onto the buses and planes under false pretenses, that’s indeed wrong.

It has also been wrong for the Biden administration to happily lead migrants to believe that there are no consequences for crossing illegally into this country.

How are Abbott and DeSantis putting kids and families at risk by sending them to sanctuary cities, which have vowed to be safe havens for migrants? Isn’t it the Democrats and progressives who have refused to take any meaningful action to tackle the border crisis who are really risking people’s lives? The lives of both the migrants and those in border towns? The Democratic Party has been content to use illegal immigrants as pawns in their political games for years now. But Abbott and DeSantis are evil for drawing attention to it? Please.

They’re absolutely drowning in a sea of hypocrisy and lies.

And we’re not amused.



WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre is disgusted with Ron DeSantis for abandoning migrant children on the mean streets of Martha’s Vineyard


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