Earlier this week, I kicked Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren around for her insanely intellectually dishonest argument for canceling student loan debt.

Elizabeth Warren is obviously lying through her teeth when she suggests that student debt is something that can be “canceled.” It can’t be canceled; it can just be forcibly made a burden for someone else. That’s exactly what President Joe Biden will be doing if he issues an edict today as expected that up to $20,000 in student loan debt per borrower can be wiped out and the bill passed along to other people.

I, like many others out there, worked really hard after graduating to pay off my student loans. And I did pay them off. And I was proud of myself.

And now, the last thing I want to do is take the increasingly small amount of money that the government has allowed me to keep and give it to someone who either didn’t read the fine print of their loan contracts or read it and didn’t care. But if you ask Robert Reich, it’s someone like me who’s the greedy one:

I, personally, don’t want to live in a country where I’m expected or forced to bail out anyone. Especially anyone who was fiscally irresponsible. Obviously the country I live in now has a government that expects and is willing to force me to bail out other people — which sucks to no end — but the solution to that problem is not to turn the bailout dial up to freaking 11.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But if we lived in a country like that, Robert Reich would have one less thing to get self-righteously indignant about. Keep in mind that he’s a professor at UC-Berkeley. He’s been able to build a pretty cushy life for himself thanks to students taking out loans they can’t afford to pay back.

Thanks to students taking out loans they can’t afford to pay back in order to listen to Robert Reich fill their heads with lies.

It may be weird … but it’s Robert Reich’s M.O.

Let’s talk about who the student debt “forgiveness” will benefit most of all. Hint: It’s not the working class.

Uh-oh, Robert.

Remind us, Robert, why on God’s green earth we should ever listen to you?

Go start your own country, Robert. And leave us here to try to salvage this one.



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