Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is really leaning into the whole “Cancel Student Debt” movement. Because she cares deeply about the student loan debt crisis in this countr—

Sorry, I couldn’t type that with a straight face. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t actually care about student loan debt because she’s a kind and generous soul. She’s not concerned about higher education being beyond the reach of too many students. She just wants people to vote for her.

And the fact that so many people out there will actually fall for faux stunning bravery like this should actually tell you a lot about how far the quality of higher education in this country has fallen:

How nice for Elizabeth Warren that she was able to go to college for $50 per semester. That was in the olden days, before the federal government decided it needed to be inextricably involved in higher education. It’s things like federal student loan subsidies that have caused tuition costs to skyrocket, which has resulted in a lot more students taking on debt that they can’t afford to pay back (and, thanks to Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, don’t think they should ever need to pay back). Personally, when I was looking at colleges to apply for, tuition cost was a top consideration (along with location and curriculum, of course). I was looking at private colleges, and my parents were emphatic that unless I could get tuition down to what it was at one of my state’s public universities with scholarships and whatnot, a private school was out. I’m glad they did that, because after I graduated, I was able to pay off my student debt. Of course the tuition at my alma mater has shot up quite a bit since I graduated, so it’s entirely possible that if I wanted to enroll there tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Anyway, the federal government being overly generous with subsidies is a huge part of the problem, but don’t discount the role that professors have played, too. Or former professors … like Elizabeth Warren! Warren got a six-figure salary to teach some students at Harvard for a little bit.

You’re damn right that’s her.

And as if that didn’t make her full enough of hot air, consider how she was able to get that sweet gig in the first place:

She lied about her heritage in order to get a job in which she was insanely overpaid to teach students who had to take out big loans to even be able to attend her class. And here she is pretending that she’s upset about the high cost of college in this country. Puh-leeze.

That’s exactly what she did.

And you know what? If she could, she’d do it all over again.



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