In case you didn’t know, when it comes to our writing, we abide by AP Stylebook rules. Or at least when it comes to our grammatically correct writing. The AP Stylebook doesn’t encourage sentence fragments, of course, or slang. We tend to use both of those things here, along with lots of other verboten stuff.

But otherwise, the AP Stylebook is our guide. I still refer to the copy sitting on my desk on occasion. But one of these days, we may have to start taking our writing cues from a different source, because the AP keeps finding new sharks to jump.

Here are a just a few examples of their nonsense over the past couple of years:

There’s plenty more where all that came from. Like this, for instance, which dropped just this morning:

“We now have guidance.” Great. We weren’t asking for guidance. Were any of you guys asking for guidance? I wasn’t asking for guidance. Because only pregnant women can get abortions. “Pregnant people” is not a thing. At least it shouldn’t be in a society that respects the basic tenets of biological science.

The really hilarious part is that the AP’s guidance is actually pissing off people who are angry that the AP’s suggested language isn’t woke enough.

If trans women are women, then why is the AP suggesting “people” instead of women? For shame, AP. For shame.

Maybe the AP is transphobic!

Nice going, AP. Now you’re girl-phobic, too. See what happens when you try to appease the Woke Mob?

“Pregnant people” is actually really discriminatory toward pregnant trans men (who are men, we’ve been told),i if you think about it.

At least the AP Stylebook advises against using “overly clinical language like people with uteruses or birthing people.” So some woke terms are still too much, even for them. But given their clear willingness to play fast and loose with the English language, don’t be surprised if you start seeing AP stories about Republicans’ war on birthing people one of these days.

Maybe the AP should just cut their losses now before they do any more damage to their reputation.