The Associated Press Stylebook, a sort of dictionary/bible for reporters, is always a little bit behind the times, but the editors try to stay woke by giving more wholesome options for outdated terms like “illegal immigrant” (acceptable variations include “living in” or “entering a country illegally” or “without legal permission”).

For example, California Gov. Jerry Brown this weekend officially added a third gender option — “nonbinary” — to legal documents like birth certificates and drivers licenses.

Nonbinary? What happened to pronouns like ze?

Fortunately for the rest of us, the Associated Press had an online chat last week to address some questions that arise when there are at least three gender options in play. Here are some tips from the pros.

“Were identified as having at birth.”

Avoid references to being born a boy or a girl — got it. Just forget that whole “identified as having at birth” deal.

Hold up: So avoid references to being born a boy or a girl, and don’t use the old term “sex change” — now it’s “gender confirmation”?

And even they’re considered behind — although they have left open the possibility of using pronouns like ze and zir “if usage increases.”

And in case you were wondering, you can still use plain old LGBT and be considered woke, at least by AP standards.

So what about the completely made-up term “homophobic?” Has AP found a more accurate term that doesn’t rely of pseudo-psychology?

Use more specific language; e.g., “His religious objection to baking a wedding cake for the same-sex couple was proof of his homophobia.”

* * *


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