If you’ve been on the edges of your seats, champing at the bit to find out what Bill Kristol thought about the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, we’ve got good news for you.

Bill definitely has some thoughts on the subject, and they’re every bit as gloriously hackish as you’ve come to expect from Mr. Conserving Conservatism. Maybe even more, actually, because he somehow managed to work January 6 into his take.

Behold it in all its shining splendor:

Republicans being concerned about a raid on a former president’s home during his Democratic successor’s administration based on a search warrant signed off on by a magistrate judge with ties to Jeffrey Epstein and executed by an FBI that’s been caught in multiple webs of lies in their investigations into Donald Trump and his campaign over the years is violence-incitement-adjacent extremism and insurrectionist?

Can’t say we didn’t expect this sort of insanity from Bill Kristol, but man. Does he have to keep proving us right about him over and over again?

It means that Bill Kristol doesn’t understand what words mean.

And sending IRS Special Agents to the homes of Americans, armed with guns and prepared to use deadly force if those Americans raise an objection to being audited. But that’s not extremist. No, no. That’s just What Democracy Looks Like! Right, Bill?

Maybe — just maybe — it’s Bill Kristol who’s the extremist in this scenario.

Take a hike, Bill. The fresh air might do you some good. Get some oxygen back to your brain.



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