What’s hotter than an entire Independence Day fireworks show? Why, a Bill Kristol hot take, of course!

And because Bill Kristol just isn’t capable of taking a day off, he’s come up with a real gem for July 4, 2022.

OK, well, technically he wrote this on July 3, 2022, but it’s all about Independence Day, so it’s still worth highlighting and discussing:

Is that a take, or is that a take?

Unless you’re retweeting him ironically today, we’re laughing in your face, Kyle.

You heard him.

Honestly, we’re not sure if there’s actually a way to tell. Bill always sounds like this now. It’s entirely possible that he’s always drunk. That would certainly explain why he seems to see Donald Trump hiding in every closet and under every bed.

It’s sad, really. A self-proclaimed Principled Conservative™ who is entirely lacking in conservative principles. Now that we think about it, that’s actually one thing that we can blame Donald Trump for: if Trump hadn’t sought out and won the presidency, poseurs like Bill Kristol might not have been exposed until a few years later. Trump actually did us quite a favor in that respect.

Anyway, back to Kristol’s stupid tweet:

“Beyond cringe” is right. If Bill Kristol had any self-awareness, he’d be cringing right along with us. But you know he’s just sitting there, patting himself on the back, congratulating himself on getting America completely wrong just in time for Independence Day.

Not that you needed another reminder not to take Bill Kristol seriously as a serious person, but here you are, just in case.

It’s real, and it’s spectacular … ly pathetic.



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