As we told you earlier, the Biden administration is trying really, really hard to spin “Let’s Go, Brandon!” into Democratic gold with their super cringy “Dark Brandon” memes. It’s not really working, (a) because the Left can’t meme, and (b) because when they try, they accidentally use possible Nazi imagery from troll farms. Whoops!

Anyway, the “Dark Brandon” wave has piqued the interest of economics writer Noah Smith, who can’t help but be amused:

And you know what makes it really funny?

That is … actually not where “Let’s Go, Brandon!” came from. At all. Surely Smith knows that, right? Surely he does?

Stephen L. Miller tried to refresh Smith’s memory:

Miller was right, of course.

Unfortunately, Smith did not appreciate Miller’s help:

Noah should know by now that blocking Miller doesn’t prevent everyone from seeing the best that @Noahpinion has to offer. Which is stuff like this:

Bless his heart.

No he cannot.



Extremely nervous econ blogger Noah Smith calls Virginia race ‘the Chris Rufo Election,’ which is supposed to be bad for some reason