A lot of lefties are taking Terry McAuliffe’s loss to Glenn Youngkin pretty hard. Especially those who have been advocating so hard for Critical Race Theory in education.

Critical Race Theory may very well have been one of the heaviest weights that tipped the election in Youngkin’s favor. And perhaps no one has done more to expose the scourge of Critical Race Theory in America than Christopher Rufo.

So you can imagine that there are people out there who are very angry at Rufo right now. People like economics blogger Noah Smith, who clearly won’t be adding Rufo to his Christmas card list:

“The Chris Rufo Election.” Is … is that supposed to be an insult to Rufo? Because if so, Rufo’s not taking it as one at all:

You love to see it.

Little did they know.

So good.

Noah should take that as a compliment.