Bless their hearts. Team Biden is still trying to make “Dark Brandon” a thing.

And it is a thing. It’s just a really, really stupid and cringy thing. We’ve been trying to tell them that, but they refuse to listen. That’s why we get dipsticks like White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates vomiting up garbage like this:

Crushing what, exactly?

And Americans’ souls. Don’t forget those!

75%? Do we hear 75%? We will one of these days.

When was the last time Andrew Bates or any member of the Biden administration actually asked a regular American person how they’re doing? We’re not doing great, you know. That’s at least partly why we’re doing this post. It’s not like we have much to laugh about these days, so if we can laugh about a Biden administration spokesman tweeting something embarrassing, we’ll take it.

We’ll say it again because evidently it needs to be repeated for some people: The Left can’t meme.

If they were smart, they’d leave this stuff to the professionals, i.e. conservatives who are just a lot better at it.

Joe Biden doesn’t look like such a badass now, does he, Andrew?

The guy falling off a bike … that’s the real Joe Biden.

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.