The pro-abort crowd has it in for a lot of red states, but at the moment, they seem especially concerned about Texas.

And, being a senior writer for Slate, it’s only natural that someone like Mark Joseph Stern would be concerned as well.


Do you mean to say that the same Mark Joseph Stern who slimed Ilya Shapiro in order to get him fired from Georgetown is lying about something else? Will wonders never cease?!

Well, Mark, that certainly looks like a lot of words. But are any of them true?

National Review Washington correspondent John McCormack has found at least some that aren’t:

Sounds like somebody didn’t do their due diligence before writing about one of the most controversial topics out there.

It’s almost as if Mark Joseph Stern isn’t an honest and trustworthy journalist.

Is his name even Mark Joseph Stern?

Because they can.

Fact-checking outlets are way too busy white-knighting for progressive congresswomen who pretend to get arrested and debunking obvious memes about Joe Biden.

And Lord knows they’ve got their work cut out for them. For every piece of disinformation about pro-life laws that gets debunked, two more pieces are created and circulated.



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