We were today years old when we learned of the existence of a pair of guys named Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams. Evidently they’re famous YouTube personalities.

And they’re having a baby! Well, sort of. They’ve settled on an egg donor who will provide the egg that is eventually fertilized by sperm from one of them:

Congratulations to them on their growing family! We just have one question, and it’s same the question that Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, is asking:

We’ve been told by countless gender theory experts that men can have periods and thus have babies. So why do Shane and Ryland need an egg donor? Shouldn’t they be able to take care of business on their own? They’re two men. Surely they’ve got all the equipment they need to get the job done.

Is Ketanji Brown Jackson all through with hers yet? While we wait, we turn to Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern, who came across Miller’s tongue-in-cheek tweets and was repulsed. According to Stern, Miller’s tweets are shining examples of unbridled Republican homophobia:

Can we stop you right there for a sec, Mark?

What did Miller do that was so homophobic? Maybe if we keep reading Mark’s thread, we’ll get to that. So let’s continue:

OK, Mark, but which Republicans are claiming that gay people are groomers? Must be an extremely silent majority, because we haven’t really heard from any of them. We have, however, heard from plenty of Republicans who don’t think teachers should be teaching young children about sexuality and gender identity, particularly without parental consent. Which seems like a pretty reasonable position to take and isn’t rooted in homophobia.

Mark Joseph Stern is trying to use the Left’s dishonest framing of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill to paint the GOP as a dangerous collection of homophobic bigots.

So Republicans are accusing same-sex couples of treating women like handmaids? What?

It’s not homophobia, Mark. Stop trying to make it about homophobia.

That’s not homophobia either, Mark.

Nothing. Literally nothing about it is homophobic.

Your point is stupid, Mark. And as far as Miller’s point is concerned, it flew right over your head.

Mark had plenty to say before … why can’t he even muster a response to a simple yes-or-no question?

Well said. This is world-class projection from Mark Joseph Stern.

Nevertheless, Stephen L. Miller persists.

Guess not. Georgetown’s loss, though.

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