Last week, Georgetown Law Dean Bill Treanor reassured Georgetown Law students and alumni that Ilya Shapiro’s “appalling” remarks regarding Joe Biden’s commitment to a race- and sex-based SCOTUS nomination did not align with Georgetown Law’s values.

Here, again, are Shapiro’s comments:

Shapiro had only recently been hired as executive director and lecturer at the Georgetown Center for the Constitution. But he may not be much longer for that position. Mark Joseph Stern, the Slate writer behind the campaign to get Shapiro canceled (but not fired, he insists), is proud to share Dean Treanor’s update that Shapiro has officially been placed “on administrative leave, pending an investigation”:

Spoiler alert: Shapiro didn’t violate any policies or expectations for professional conduct.

Mark Joseph Stern is another story.

Fact-check: true.

The perpetrators are blind to their own crimes.

Don’t count on it. Especially because Mark doesn’t care.

High-five, Mark. Go buy yourself a cake and take a bow.

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