Yesterday, we told you about Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern, who saw Ilya Shapiro’s genuinely anti-racist take on Joe Biden’s commitment to nominating a SCOTUS justice to replace Stephen Breyer based on race and sex and decided that Shapiro deserved to be punished.

Stern was deeply ashamed of his alma mater. Fortunately, thanks to Stern’s efforts, Georgetown Law sent out an email denouncing Shapiro’s “appalling” racist and sexist thoughts despite the fact that nothing Shapiro wrote indicated that he is either racist or sexist.

And now that he’s been called out for being a petty and dishonest little troll, Stern’s trying to pretend that his intentions were pure as the driven snow:

This friggin’ guy.

He literally tagged Georgetown Law in his tweet.

Any intellectually honest person understood exactly what point Shapiro was trying to make. Stern deliberately misrepresented Shapiro’s remarks in order to get Shapiro into trouble. And now he’s trying to convince us that he’s the good guy in this scenario.


You know what you did, Mark. And you’re proud of it. So be a man and own it.

Stern chose those words very, very carefully.

And he’ll be disingenuous tomorrow.



If you were curious, the answer is yes: Mark Joseph Stern is still an ass.

What possible reason could Stern have had for tagging Georgetown Law if he wasn’t trying to get Shapiro fired from Georgetown Law?

Brazenly bad-faith actor, heal thyself.

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