Oh look, a Liberal playing the racist card. We’re all shocked.

It’s interesting how the people calling Biden out for being an actual sexist and racist for choosing a SCOTUS nominee based solely on sex and race are being called sexist and racist. Forget that the poor Black woman Joe picks will forever be stigmatized as the ‘diversity hire,’ this is some highly unethical crap President Drools A Lot is trying to pull.

But you know, people pointing THIS out, like Ilya Shapiro, are the bad guys.

Or something.

He hates to draw attention to Shapiro but he will so he can draw attention to himself. Oooh, and super classy to tag Georgetown but not Ilya himself.


Talk about deliberately missing the point to play the race card.

Nice of Mark to speak for Shapiro without once tagging him or welcoming a discussion.

Blah blah blah.



It’s such a weak look.



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