Constitutional law and SCOTUS scholar Ilya Shapiro was recently hired as executive director and lecturer the Georgetown Center for the Constitution. Georgetown made the announcement just last week.

And today, Georgetown Law Dean William Treanor finds himself in the awkward position of having to apologize for Shapiro on behalf of the prestigious law school:

Well, we can tell you what Treanor should have done … he should’ve told anyone complaining about Shapiro’s tweets to grow up and shove it.

Shapiro is gracious for apologizing, but an apology is only necessary if he did something wrong. He didn’t.

See for yourselves (and ignore the tweeter’s dumb commentary):

Shapiro pointed out that Joe Biden promised to nominate the next SCOTUS justice based solely on race and sex. Joe Biden said it. And he said it again.

How on earth are Shapiro’s remarks racist or sexist?

A good man is being dragged through the mud and his job is now potentially at risk because woke illiterates couldn’t be bothered to understand.

That’s the Left for you.

As a rule, don’t listen to Mark Joseph Stern.


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