Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has confirmed that he will be retiring at the end of his term. Who’s gonna fill his seat?

Well, Cory, we’ve got good news for you! It seems that President Joe Biden is indeed planning to stick to his campaign promise to put a black woman on the Supreme Court:


He’s very serious about this:

Character, experience, and integrity are nice, but to Joe Biden and Democrats, the most important qualification of all is “Black woman.”

How special that will make his nominee feel. It’s not just anyone who can be reduced to their sex and race in a shameless attempt to pander and score cheap political points. What a tremendous honor. Truly.

Joe Biden, diversity champion.

Wouldn’t want to trigger the Pronouners.

Shoot … guess we should’ve used “their” instead of “her” in our headline, huh? Whoops. We should’ve been more careful like Biden.


But that was different. Clarence Thomas wasn’t a womxn. Or a liberal. And as the ladies at “The View” reminded us today, conservative black men don’t actually count.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

If only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were here to see it.

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