NBC News and other outlets are reporting that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire at the end of his term, leaving a vacancy for President Joe Biden to fill. But who’s going to take Breyer’s place?

Townhall’s Guy Benson reminds us what Biden said back while he was running for president in 2020:

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich hasn’t forgotten, either:

In case you missed it:

Biden made his pledge days before the South Carolina primary. “I’m looking forward to making sure there’s a black woman on the Supreme Court, to make sure we, in fact, get every representation,” he said then. It was the first majority-black contest on the Democratic calendar and handed Biden a dominant victory that revived his campaign. One by one, he vanquished his rivals.

And now he’s in a position to make good on that promise. But will he?


Oh God.

But really, would he actually nominate Kamala Harris?

That seems like a pretty safe prediction. That’s often how this stuff ends up playing out.

For us is another story.

Biden’s backed himself into a corner. It will be interesting watching him try to find a comfortable position there.

Stay tuned …

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