When Slate’s Mark Josesph Stern isn’t hard at work trying to get conservative/libertarian types fired for racist statements that aren’t actually racist, he evidently enjoys spending his time trying to impugn the Federalist Society’s respect for the Constitution and get judges into trouble for suggesting that prior bad behavior should maybe be taken into consideration when hiring law students for clerkships.

Here’s Stern’s latest exposé:

A Reagan/GHWB nominee? Dear God, not one of those!

In all seriousness, though, we’re not sure why we’re supposed to be upset about this.

OK, we’ll grant you that chronic “reply all” emails can get frustrating after a while, but still.

Was it an overreaction, though?

In case you haven’t yet heard about the incident, here is what Judge Silberman is referring to by “the latest events at Yale Law School”:

Sounds to us like maybe Judge Silberman et al. have a point, no?

Free speech is a good thing. Shouting down free speech … not so good. Why is this so difficult for Mark Joseph Stern to understand?

Based or just sensible, Judge Silberman is sounding pretty reasonable. Mark Joseph Stern is another story.

Pssst! Mark! You and your ilk are, in fact, the baddies.

To quote Mr. Kruger, we’re not too worried about it.



Smear merchant Mark Joseph Stern blames ‘frenzied mob of grievance conservatives’ for blowback over him trying to get Ilya Shapiro fired