MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin is an executive producer for two of the network’s shows, “Ayman” and “The Mehdi Hasan Show.” But on top of that, he’s got 1.3 million Twitter followers, many of whom count on him to keep them up to date on the latest news.

And Kyle definitely does keep them up to date on the latest news. Or at least the news he filters through an insanely biased lens.

Check out the hot scoop he shared with his followers today:

Great tweet, Kyle. Looks like it had the desired effect:

Well, we’ve got some news for you ourselves, Jill: it’s not happening. Because the “Don’t Say Gay law” does not actually exist.

It’s pretty safe to conclude at this point that Kyle didn’t read the bill.

Literally nowhere in the bill do the words “Don’t Say Gay” appear. The word “gay” doesn’t even appear.

But it’s not like he has a journalistic obligation to honestly report the news or anything.



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