Karine Jean-Pierre is having another red-letter today as White House press secretary. Once she let Pentagon spokesman John Kirby finish his own song-and-dance routine, she took the floor and wasted no time putting on her own impressive show.

There was this amazing moment, of course:

Hard to top, we know. But KJP at least came pretty darn close with this:

Wait, we’re not?

It certainly feels that way to us. But what do we know?

And things are going extra great when someone like Politico and MSNBC’s Sam Stein has to step in to run interference for the White House:

Is … is that supposed to make it sound better?

No, they can’t. The thing is that no matter how fast or high they jump, they ultimately can’t get off the ground. Because they’re basically standing in an intellectual tarpit.

In any event, we’re curious to see how this whole are-we-or-aren’t-we-in-a-recession thing ultimately plays out. We have a feeling we already know, but we’ll tune in all the same.