Dang. Just when you thought the Washington Post couldn’t get any messier

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel was shamed today into un-retweeting a joke about women:

He’s very, very sorry for finding an obvious joke amusing enough to share it with his Twitter followers.

It was this, from tweeter Cam Harless:

[Insert Sandra Fluke “That’s Not Funny” meme here.]

Weigel’s WaPo colleague Felicia Sonmez may have been the person who spurred him to un-retweet and repent for his sin:

Hi, Felicia!

Felicia Sonmez has a history of being insufferable and obnoxious. We’re not exactly huge fans of Dave Weigel, but we kinda thought he’d be able to hold out a little longer before bending over for the likes of Felicia Sonmez.

Perspective, Dave. Perspective.

A joke he didn’t even make!

We can imagine, yeah.



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