Karine Jean-Pierre is only just nearing the end of her first week as White House press secretary, but she’s already made quite an impression on the media. Like, she no doubt came into the job with plenty of support from CNN, given that she and partner, CNN national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, are hopelessly in love. But she still had to prove herself to other media outlets.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to have taken her very long to do that. Jean-Pierre is already the subject of a glowing profile in the New York Times:

Isn’t this exciting?! We’re not sure how he was able to contain so much stunning bravery in a single piece.

Qualifications? Karine Jean-Pierre don’t need no stinking qualifications. At least not according to the New York Times.

Because if the New York Times actually cared about that stuff, Michael Grynbaum’s piece would’ve touched on the subject of Jean-Pierre’s history of election trutherism.

Alas, it didn’t.

Did the New York Times run out of space, or … ?

We’re all ears.



Karine Jean-Pierre may be an election truther, but Politico is focused like a laser on the *real* story here