Now that we’ve got official confirmation from the White House that former NBC/MSNBC political analyst Karine Jean-Pierre will be taking over from Jen Psaki as Joe Biden’s press secretary, many conservatives are understandably concerned that Jean-Pierre’s employment history will affect how she’s treated by NBC and MSNBC journalists, both in the White House press corps and on TV.

But it looks like those people should also be concerned about a potentially very cozy relationship between Jean-Pierre and CNN … because Jean-Pierre is literally in a very cozy relationship with CNN. Or at least CNN journalist Suzanne Malveaux:

More from Outkick:

And now a network that went through the Cuomo brothers’ mess finds itself literally in bed with the press secretary. Let’s face it, Suzanne Malveaux has been featured prominently as a national correspondent covering the United States government for a number of years. Now she’s sleeping in the same bed as a woman charged with defending Biden.


You could knock us over with a feather right about now.

Nope. No conflict of interest. Because we’re sure that CNN will act swiftly and decisively to avoid even a semblance of impropriety:

So now what do you do with Suzanne Malveaux during coverage of the White House? Does CNN put her on a pop culture beat? Do you have her cover COVID? Or do you just say screw it and have her stay on her national political beat and let the other side bash the network on a daily basis with conflict of interest tweets.

Time will tell, but for now, Malveaux’s social media bio reads “CNN National Correspondent & Anchor.”

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