During yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on “abortion access and care” — the same hearing in which all this stuff happened:

Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath testified about her personal, deeply painful experience carrying a baby she knew would be stillborn, and she emphasized that miscarriage is something that millions of women in this country have been through.

While we can only imagine the depths of the trauma that Rep. McBath experienced as a result of what she went through, we find it disheartening and disturbing that she’s suggesting stillbirths and miscarriages are under the same umbrella as elective abortions.

We find it disheartening and disturbing … so, naturally, Hillary Clinton finds it compelling and powerful:

We know that Twitter’s new “crisis misinformation policy” is supposedly going to focus on war for the time being, but some pro-abortion activists out there are literally trying to wage war on the Supreme Court over Roe v. Wade possibly being overturned, so shouldn’t Hillary’s tweet get flagged? Her tweet is nothing if not misinformation. Or, maybe more accurate, disinformation, since that carries a more sinister connotation.

And Hillary Clinton is nothing if not sinister.

This … is Hillary Clinton.



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