We can give far-Left author and Daily Beast columinst Wajahat Ali props for this much: when he gets it wrong, he gets it really wrong.

And he always gets it wrong.

We’re assuming that this particular hot take has to do with the Buffalo shooting and all the finger-pointing at Republicans like Elise Stefanik and at Fox News about pushing “Great Replacement Theory.”

Joe Biden’s probably kicking himself for not coming up with that one first. Oh well. Live and learn!

But we digress.

That “Birth of a Nation” tweet sure is something.

It’s sad, but it’s not true. Not even remotely.

Also, aside from being horribly racist, “Birth of a Nation” just straight-up sucked. It was just an awful, awful movie. Though it did have perhaps its biggest fan in Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, so there’s that.

It’s so inaccurate, it hurts the brain.

Same goes for this additional take from Wajahat, actually, which he gifted us with unnoticed a couple of days ago:

All Wajahat Ali has to do when he claims that Republicans endorse or are at least cool with racist “Great Replacement Theory” is give us evidence to support his assertion. And he can’t.

Tells us everything about Wajahat Ali. What more do we need to see?

Or, put more concisely:

Shut up, Wajahat.



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