The Great Uniter in Chief is in Buffalo today to mourn the senseless murders of innocent people at the hands of a self-professed “ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist” and racist.

We kid, of course. Joe Biden is indeed in Buffalo today, but he’s not so much mourning the loss of innocent life as he is taking the opportunity to sling bitter, divisive, and toxic rhetoric about his political opponents.

… says the president who literally spreads lies for power, political gain, and profit every single day.

And killing moar unborn babies, of course. Don’t forget that.

Joe Biden has been a part of our body politic for decades. And he proudly worked with segregationists and boasted about getting props from George Wallace. Oh, and he did his damnedest to torpedo Clarence Thomas’ SCOTUS confirmation and mocked minorities’ accents, among other things. Quite an impressive list of accomplishments he’s racked up during the course of his illustrious political career.

We suppose that it’s entirely possible Joe Biden, in his senility, has forgotten about all the racist stuff he’s said and done. But when he’s lucid, he still gets busted for lying. Either way, he’s not to be trusted or believed on matters of race or anything else.

Like, say, gun control, which he naturally took the opportunity to bring up because he’s nothing if not an opportunist:

Notice that he also wants to “address the reckless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize terrorism.” Do you, like us, get the feeling that he doesn’t want to crack down on the internet just to fight terrorism? Are you, like us, thinking about how the Disinformation Governance Board might fit into his plans to clean up the internet?

The faux-compassionate whisper is just the icing on the cake. The only thing Joe Biden has resolved today is to continue to punish his political enemies.

Because it’s just about profit and politics.

Joe Biden’s spreading something, all right. But it’s not faith.

He has a brand, and he’s sticking to it.