President Biden today reminisced about his early days in the U.S. Senate, but this tweet from a White House reporter leaves something out:

There was a bit more to Biden’s comments than that.

Here’s what the president had to say:

“You know, things have kind of changed since I first got there. He’s been there a couple terms. I was there… I got elected when I was 29 years old to the United States Senate from a very modest background and I was there for 36 years before becoming vice president. We always used to fight like hell, even back in the old days when we had real segregationists, like Eastland & Thurmond & all those guys, but at least we’d end up eating lunch together. Things have changed, and we’ve gotta bring it back.”

It seems like just a few months ago that Biden was comparing his opposition to segregationists. Maybe Biden was waiting for them to invite him to lunch.

Biden knows because he delivered the eulogy.

There’s no doubt the mainstream media will gloss over that particular part of Biden’s comments.

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