Yesterday, President Joe Biden recalled the time he was arrested during the Civil Rights movement.

That wasn’t all Joe said. He also asked his audience to choose a side in the war for “voting rights”:

Joe Biden wasn’t arrested during the Civil Rights movement. And while we’re calling him out for that lie, we might as well also point out that it’s unlikely that he would’ve minded being on the side of George Wallace.

Not only was George Wallace a Democrat like Joe Biden, but George Wallace was a Democrat respected by Joe Biden.

We know that Joe’s memory is fuzzy, but did he forget about that?

If you’re a self-described Civil Rights crusader, you don’t boast about any association with George Wallace. That’s just not something you do.

Well, if all Joe Biden has is accusing everyone who disagrees with him of being the second coming of George Wallace, then that little snippet is pretty significant.

It’s certainly a bold strategy. We look forward to seeing how it pays off in November.