When Elon Musk announced his intentions to buy Twitter, we imagine that AOC responded to the news by hyperventilating. When Twitter announced that the deal was going through, we imagine that AOC clutched her pearls.

That was all rough for her, no doubt, but it couldn’t’ve been anything compared to what she would experience when he started openly criticizing the far Left in earnest. That, friends, was the final straw for AOC. She will not stand for anyone — especially a billionaire like Elon Musk — pointing out that the American Left has only grown increasingly radical.

Step aside, because she’s really mad now:

An oldie, but a goodie! But we digress.

“The extreme far Left” believes in things like forcing responsible and hardworking Americans to pay off other people’s (including six-figure-salaried politicians’) student loans. “The extreme far Left” believes in things like doing away with national sovereignty and borders. “The extreme far Left” believes in things like talking to kindergarteners about their sexuality and gender identity and making it easier for young “trans” kids to be treated with life-altering, potentially dangerous drugs and procedures.

In other words, “the extreme far Left” is … extremely far-Left.

Well, to be fair, AOC lives in a pretty exclusive apartment building. A luxury apartment building. With a rooftop pool and a golf simulator. And a mystifying garbage disposal, of course!

Oh, and a plum space to park her Tesla. Which we assume she’ll be returning to the dealership any day now.

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