First, we’re certain that the Washington Post is one of the mainstream media outlets approved by the Department of Homeland Security’s new “Disinformation Governance Board,” so they can rest easy. Second, credit for the cartoon that Elon Musk tweeted Thursday goes to Colin Wright:

It might be tough to make out, but it shows “me” happily smiling just a little left of center. Move forward a few years, and the “fellow liberal” has moved so far left as a “woke progressive” that the liberal now finds himself right of center. Checks out.

Musk tweeted that Thursday afternoon, and by Thursday evening, the Washington Post had written up an analysis of everything wrong with the cartoon.

Barack Obama wasn’t even for gay marriage before he got elected. Now we’re arguing about teaching kindergarteners gender identity.

We should have known … Philip Bump.

Yep, they couldn’t let it go.


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