You guys know how much we hate Fake News around here, right? BS narratives and whatnot definitely do get under our skin.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate good satire when we see it. We’re huge fans of The Babylon Bee, of course, but recently we’ve also come to admire the comedic stylings of Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuk, the two geniuses behind the “Woke vs. Racist” video. They’ve done some fantastic work as a team. But they’re also quite talented when they go it alone.

Today, it’s Polishchuk’s time to shine. He’s put together a new video in the wake of Elon Musk’s announcement that he’s made an offer to buy Twitter, and it does not disappoint.

Please to enjoy:

It’s like when Moses saw the burning bush. We’re just blown away by the awesomeness we’ve witnessed.

Well, the best jokes contain a kernel of truth. This one contains a whole freakin’ cob of it.

And that’s what makes it so brilliant.

It hits every note. Checks every box. Lefties — Twitter employees or otherwise — are flipping out not just because Elon Musk could be their boss, but because in just making the offer, Musk has ripped the masks from their faces and shattered them on the floor.

Lefty outrage given us plenty of material to work with today, and it’s an absolute pleasure to watch Polishchuk just totally run with it

Billions of dollars’ worth.



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