Yesterday, we told you about “What’s an Abortion, Anyway?” According to the book’s author Carly Manes, it’s “a gender inclusive and medically accurate picture book about abortion care for little ones 8+,” which sounds to us like a really euphemistic way to say “picture book designed to cause lifelong emotional scars in children.”

As we also discussed, among the lessons in “What’s an Abortion, Anyway?” is that “people of all genders have abortions.” In that post, pro-abort author and self-described “Beyoncé of Abortion Storytelling” Renee Bracey Sherman got a shout-out from Christina Pushaw for this tweet from May 2021:

Sherman was promoting the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for “What’s an Abortion, Anyway?” with that tweet. How generous of her.

Well, Sherman thought Pushaw’s disgust was actually pretty hilarious for some reason. So she doubled down on singing the book’s praises:

“Our family was created by abortion, adoption, and parenting decisions.” No matter how many times we read that sentence, we can’t wrap our heads around it. We’re just not demented enough to make it make sense.

Parents, don’t let Renee Bracey Sherman anywhere near your children.



Pro-abort feminist Renee Bracey Sherman says she’s taught her 5-year-old niece ‘that kids are a handful’ and ‘her life is made possible because of abortion’

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