It was just a few minutes back that we published a piece on Carly Manes; “What’s an Abortion, Anyway?” “a gender-inclusive and medically accurate picture book about abortion care for little ones 8+.” We’re curious how the book ends. Do they sell off the baby parts they can salvage, or is there some Kermit Gosnell figure who collects the feet in jars and leaves them around the clinic?

As we said, we just wrote about it, but Christina Pushaw has posted a page from the “gender-inclusive” picture book that teaches little ones that people of all genders have abortions. So not only are you trying to give your 8-year-old a “medically accurate” picture of abortions; you’re also explaining to that 8-year-old that gender is fluid and that men can also have abortions. It just keeps getting better!

We’re not sure where they come from, but they all seem to get hired in education. Seriously, you feel the need to virtue signal to your toddler and get their affirmation?


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