When Elon Musk took his poll last month about free speech on Twitter, we wondered if it had something to do with what had been happening to The Babylon Bee.

Now that Musk has officially become Twitter’s largest shareholder and been appointed to the board of directors, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon has confirmed our suspicions:

How about that?

Few people are in a position to do what Elon Musk has done. And if he wants to use his position to effect positive change and promote free speech, we’re all for it.

You love to see it. Because this is how it’s supposed to work.

And that scares the pants off the Left.

What is it about Elon Musk that makes him so much more objectionable than the other tech billionaires libs want to put in charge of regulating speech?

Oh yeah. Brian Stelter was beside himself yesterday:

You can imagine how he’s feeling today. Not that you have to imagine it:

Liberal journos aren’t the only ones feeling nervous right now …

They’ve gotta be sweating bullets over at Disney.

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