Man. If we don’t know any better, we might think that Twitter just has a personal vendetta against The Babylon Bee.

First, over the weekend, they locked the Bee out of their account for the “hateful conduct” of pointing out that Rachel Levine is biologically male. And then yesterday, they did the same to editor-in-chief Kyle Mann, who had very publicly made it very clear that The Babylon Bee had no plans to apologize for doing nothing wrong. They cited Mann’s tweet about Uyghurs in concentration camps as the “hateful conduct” that he was guilty of.

And now, today, Adam Ford, CEO of Not the Bee and founder of The Babylon Bee, has been locked out of his Twitter account for violating the “hateful conduct” rules. OK, well, surely the third time’s the charm, right? Surely this time, the conduct in question was genuinely, indisputably hateful, right?

Nope. Not even close:

We’ve got a serious question for Twitter: What, exactly, are you guys trying to accomplish here? Because it definitely can’t be successfully convincing people that you’re a legit and trustworthy platform for free speech.

It’s almost as though Twitter doesn’t actually give a damn about free speech at all.



Drew Holden’s cracked Twitter’s penal code, which should come in handy next time The Babylon Bee thinks about offending wokesters [pics]

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