Over this last weekend, Twitter decided that they had a moral responsibility to lock The Babylon Bee out of their account. In Twitter’s eyes, The Bee had sinned, you see, by doing satire that drew attention to the fact that U.S. Department of Health golden girl Rachel Levine is biologically male. And, as we all know, stunts like that are brazen violations of Twitter’s hateful conduct policy.

Well, if you’ll recall, yesterday, Twitter sent an even more powerful message to users by locking Babylon Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann out of his account. Mann’s sin? Shining a spotlight on the Chinese government’s genocidal campaign against Uyghur Muslims:

Twitter’s heavy punishment hand understandably has some people wondering if they’ll be next on the account lock block. But there’s no need to worry just yet! As Drew Holden points out, there is, in fact, a method to Twitter’s madness. And if you just follow a few very simple rules, you should be fine!

Next time you’re thinking about making a joke at a liberal’s expense or saying something that might offend the woke crowd, just tweet about eliminating Israel and genociding the Jews instead, and you’ll be in the clear.

We certainly do.

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