President Joe Biden is in Brussels on very important presidential and international diplomatic business. His trusty Girl Friday Jen Psaki can’t be there with him, unfortunately, but he’s doing a real bang-up job all by himself.

Like, he literally thinks he’s all by himself. In a class of his own. A party of one:

We know you’re old, Joe, but come on now. Is there a single person on this planet who actually believes that? Does Joe Biden even actually believe it?

Joe Biden is the world’s foremost and longest-serving foreign policy expert. And he’s never once ever even once said that sanctions would “deter” Vladimir Putin, dammit!

The foreign policy expertise lie is bad enough on its face. But if you take a minute to think about what he’s actually saying when he makes that ridiculous assertion, it gets so much worse. Like, is it supposed to make us trust him more? Feel more confident in his diplomatic and leadership abilities? Because if that’s really what he was going for, he missed it. By several million miles.

Yikes, Joe. Just … yikes.

If we were Joe Biden, we’d find a new point of pride. Fast. Preferably an honest one.

Though if we expect Joe Biden to ever be intentionally honest, we’re only lying to ourselves.



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