Joe Biden is officially almost an octogenarian now. And that means that he’s had nearly 80 years to amass an impressive collection of tall tales.

He told plenty of those today from the podium in Brussels, including a very famous one from relatively recent history:

That’s right, guys. He’s still on this. The Dems are still on this.


How many times does the “very fine people” lie, aka the Charlottesville hoax, need to be debunked before Biden and Dems and the Left drop it and move on? Even CNN’s Jake Tapper, no Trump fan or apologist by any stretch of the imagination, called out the bogus narrative for what it is:

Guess this is just Joe Biden and his handlers trying to help voters form false memories that will benefit him and the Democratic Party.

They’re doing the same damn thing they did when Donald Trump was president: ignoring genuine issues with Trump in favor of deliberately stirring up outrage over things Trump didn’t actually say or do. Nothing has changed.

Because he can. And he knows he can. So why stop now?

Not on purpose, anyway.