As Twitchy reported earlier Wednesday, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke teased a “major address to the nation” Thursday, so maybe this video is just another teaser or a warm-up. O’Rourke already told President Trump he was not welcome in El Paso after the mass shooting there (Trump went anyway), and now he’s telling the president he’s not welcome in New Hampshire.

He’s also using every desperate ploy there is: He’s repeating the Charlottesville hoax (again); he’s insinuating that Trump called all Mexicans rapists; he’s fretting that Trump called human beings “animals” and “monsters” (without mentioning he was referring to murderous MS-13 gang members); he’s saying that Trump was referring to residents of Baltimore when he said the city was rodent-infested; he’s … well, watch for yourself.

Yes, we get it … the Mueller report turned out to be a dud and the Russian collusion conspiracy crashed and burned, so now the strategy to defeat Trump in 2020 is to call him (and all of his supporters) white supremacists. Hey, if you want to prove to yourself and your neighbors that you’re not a white supremacist, you won’t vote for the guy, right? And if you send him money, Joaquin Castro will tweet out your name and business.

Can’t we just say that Beto is a joke? He hasn’t got a chance, and if he wants to stand with Nancy Pelosi and defend the “spark of divinity, the dignity and worth” of every rapist and murderer in MS-13, then fine — but he should know that a poll showed a majority of Americans were perfectly cool with calling MS-13 gang members animals.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper has done what he can to put to rest the myth that Trump called the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people”; if you haven’t yet, watch Carpe Donktum’s video of Trump’s statement and how it was filtered through such non-partisan journalists as Don Lemon.

It’s a bold strategy … let’s see if it works out for him.


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