So the guy who lost his Senate race against Ted Cruz and then went on to run for president, polling at 0.0 percent in New Hampshire after visiting, thinks he can tell President Trump to stay out of his town where there was a mass shooting because Trump “helped create the hatred that made Saturday’s tragedy possible.”

O’Rourke has not been shy about calling Trump a white supremacist. He did it during the Democratic debates and he’ll do it wherever there’s a TV camera in sight:

Oh, he’s lumping in Fox News as well now. Oh well … it does seem odd that the same guy who would make the existing border walls disappear were he president is now walling off “his” city from a presidential visit.

“We do not need more division,” he says, immediately after telling the duly elected president of the United States not to visit the site of a national tragedy.

“We need to heal, not divide, and I’ll help by calling the president a white nationalist every chance I get.”

* * *


It appears that the mayor of El Paso, who actually won his election, is welcoming the president: