You might remember the other day when even the right-leaning Washington Examiner deleted a tweet about Joe Biden “correcting” Breitbart’s Joel Pollak when Pollak tried to tell Biden that President Trump never called neo-Nazis and white supremacists “very fine people” following the fatal protests in Charlottesville. The Examiner later said the two had a “heated exchange,” seen here:

We don’t mean to harp on the Charlottesville hoax — well, actually we do, and you’ll see why in the video below — but come on … how tough is it to watch a video that disproves the whole thing? This video really is infuriating.

Of course Don Lemon’s in there. Does he really not know, or he knows and just doesn’t care? As we reported earlier, at least one mainstream journalist, CNN’s Jake Tapper, has broken rank and explained the whole “very fine people” myth.

Exactly. And there were very fine people demanding that statues of Confederates like Robert E. Lee be taken down (which they soon were, and schools renamed, etc.).