Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke to a joint session of Congress this morning, where he made emotionally charged cases for help from the U.S. and humbly asked for a show of leadership from President Joe Biden.

And let’s be clear: President Zelenskyy was right to go to U.S. Congress. It makes sense that he would. We’d do the same if we were him. We’d appeal to leadership in many countries.

But while there are limits to what the U.S. government can do to help Ukraine, individual Americans aren’t bound by the same rules. So perhaps President Zelenskyy should consider — if he hasn’t already — reaching out to Alex Stein, aka Prime Time 99 Alex Stein, who recently shared with the Plano City Council his own form of aid to Ukraine:


Is that little taste not enough for you? Well, take heart, because Alex has more where that came from:

It’s not everyone who can work a pro-vaccine message into a rap about prayers for Ukraine. That takes real talent.

We’re grateful for the subtitles, because if we watch the video enough times, they’ll make memorizing the lyrics that much easier.

She can’t resist those sweet beats. Honestly, who could?

Of course it’s real.

It’s Prime Time 99 Alex Stein, baby.

Stay tuned to Prime Time 99 Alex Stein’s Twitter feed to find out where he ends up next!

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