As far as Bill Kristol is concerned, it’s never too early to start psyching yourself up for the next presidential election. Especially when you’ve got someone really, really awesome in mind.

And when you’re looking for someone really, really awesome, only a fellow member of the Resistance will do. That’s why Bill’s got his fingers crossed that in 2024, he’ll have a chance to pull the lever for Liz Cheney, the best kind of Republican.

But if Cheney decides not to seek out the GOP nomination, while Bill will be disappointed for sure, he at least already has a backup plan in mind:

Ooo … you have our attention, Bill. Tell us more!

Wow, Latin? We’re all very impressed.

We’ve been going pretty hard on Bill Kristol in recent years, but knowing that he’s read the Aeneid makes us wonder if maybe we were wrong to question his seriousness and integrity.

We kid, of course.

Not just any Democrat, but a Zelensky Democrat.

It means a Democrat. It means that Bill Kristol is going to vote for Democrat. Volodymyr Zelensky literally has nothing to do with it, but Bill’s apparently hoping that because Zelensky has admirers across the political spectrum, plunking “Zelensky” in front of “Democrat” confers instant respectability and quality of character.

Oh man … that’s right! We’d almost forgotten about that entry in Bill Kristol’s Big Book of Very Public Humiliations. That one was particularly schadenfreudelicious, wasn’t it? Bill’s turned into a pretty irritating and insufferable type of guy, but we can’t help but be utterly transfixed by his amazing lack of self-awareness.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.



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