When you’re as important to Conserving Conservatism as Bill Kristol is, it’s your patriotic duty to guide voters in the right direction.

Kristol understands that, and to that end, he’s decided to reveal which Virginia gubernatorial candidate has won the honor of his coveted vote.

You might want to sit down for this one:

Congratulations to Terry McAuliffe for officially earning Bill Kristol’s endorsement. It takes a special kind of person to win Bill Kristol’s heart.

It’s almost sweet how much Bill thinks his endorsement makes a damn bit of difference to anyone. Although nothing could be as precious as Bill Kristol trying to pass himself off as a Principled Conservative™ — and the Washington Post trying to help him do it:

See that headline?

“Conservative Bill Kristol.”

Bill loves it, too.

You’re just a liberal Democrat.