Joe Biden has spent almost 80 years on this earth, so he has a lot to say.

Unfortunately, it’s usually pretty difficult to decipher any of it.

He’s been on a bit of roll today:

Sorry … what? The cancer moonshine?

Moonshot? Ah, OK. That makes a little more sense. Recall that then-President Barack Obama put then-VP Joe Biden in charge of curing cancer in early 2016. He referred to it as a “moonshot” then. When Biden was campaigning for president in 2020, he re-upped his commitment to curing cancer (and Alzheimer’s and diabetes).

He hasn’t made good on that promise so far, and if we’re being honest, his increasingly frequent incoherence suggests that his window of opportunity is closing fast.

Joe’s bad enough when he starts talking. But a digression … that’s a recipe for disaster.

And then, well, there’s whatever this is:

So that happened.

Dear God. Let’s hope not.

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