Yesterday, when Whoopi Goldberg foolishly and repeatedly insisted on “The View” that “the Holocaust isn’t about race,” cohost Ana Navarro pushed back somewhat:

Fast-forward to later last night, and Navarro apparently regrets even suggesting that Whoopi screwed up:

The school board in Tennessee didn’t ban “Maus.” But Ana Navarro’s not nearly as concerned with the facts as she is with justifying what can most charitably be described as Whoopi Goldberg’s staggering ignorance on the Holocaust.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and RFK Jr. literally have nothing to do with Goldberg’s stupidity, but desperate Dems like Ana Navarro call for desperate measures.

It only makes sense in the twisted mind of people like Ana Navarro.

Check back with her when hell freezes over. Til then, don’t hold your breath.



Whoopi Goldberg’s ongoing cleanup efforts after her Holocaust remarks are apparently good enough for the ADL (others, not so much) [videos]

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