GOP Rep. Thomas Massie tweeting out that photo of his family posing with guns was disturbing enough to merit an entire Slate article.

But it wasn’t just Slate who was offended. A lot of people were. Including CNN analyst and former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappa.

Rangappa responded to Massie’s photo with a genius thought exercise that only a CNN analyst and former FBI Special Agent could come up with:

Well, at least she had the good sense to leave small penises out of her tweet.

That’s really the only nice thing we can say about her mind-numbingly stupid take. Because, you know, it’s so mind-numbingly stupid.

Winsome Sears says hi, Asha.

Narrator: Black Republicans and conservatives don’t count to Asha Rangappa.

Next stupid racist question, you mean?

No kidding.

Just because the truth is inconvenient doesn’t make it any less truthful, Asha.

The Second Amendment is for all Americans, Asha. Even you! Though you’re more than welcome not to exercise it if it’s not your thing.

Poor thing.

That’s “you people” as in “abject morons,” Asha. Before you get upset about that tweet, too.